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Drs. Wezi Mhango and Sieg Snapp in a video on impact of legumes on productivity and nutrition in Northern Malawi


August 8, 2016:
MSU Researchers and Africa Rising Collaborators meet to discuss the next steps in their collaborative Action Research in East Africa.  Presentation drafts are below:

-Dr. Sieg Snapp: Global Change Learning Lab – Africa Node: Action Agroecology Download Powerpoint 
-Dr. Regis Chikowo: Farm Typologies and Sustainable Intensification: Where the Rubber Meets the Road Download Powerpoint
-Dr. Phil Grabowski: Utilizing a Framework of Indicators to Assess Sustainable Intensification Download Powerpoint

-J. Glover, R.B. Richardson, and H. Ngoma.  A Tool for Prioritizing Climate-Smart Agriculture Investments.  USAID’s Agrilinks Series.
-S. Snapp and G. Heinrich.  Building Soil Health for Smallholder Resilience.  USAID’s Agrilinks Series.
-S. Snapp.  Participatory On Farm Research: Beyond the Randomized Complete Block Design.  eOrganic Webinar.
-S. Snapp.  Sustainable Intensification: What Does it Mean? MSU Center for Regional Food Systems

-S. Snapp, H. Tindwa, K. Giller, J-C. Rubyogo, N. Kassim, T. Jayne, and N. Mason.  Raising Crop Response: Bi-Directional Learning to Catalyze Sustainable Intensification at Multiple Scales. Download PDF.
-C. Jordan and R.B. Richardson.  Exploring the Linkages Between Energy and Food Security for Women Farmers of Malawi.  Download Powerpoint.
-T. Silberg, R.B. Richardson, M. Hockett, and S.S. Snapp.  Cereal-Legume Intercropping in Central Malawi- Determinants of Practice. Download Powerpoint.

-Africa RISING Sustainable Intensification Project and Mother Baby Trial in Malawi. Watch video.
-Exploring the yield potential of sorghum and pigeonpea cropping systems in Northern Ghana, March 20th, 2015.  Watch video.
-MSU students Erin Anders and Princess Adjei-Frimpong research innovation with pigeon pea.  Watch video.
-Dr. Wezi Mhango and Dr. Sieg Snapp explore the impact of introducing more legumes on sustainability and nutrition in Northern Malawi.  Watch video.
-Sieg Snapp: Perennial grains: Transformative option or pipe dream?  Watch video.