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Transdisciplinary On-Farm Panel Data

Transdisciplinary On-Farm Panel Data Description: Learning Lab researchers have been part of transdisciplinary research effort collecting on-farm panel (longitudinal) data from about 600 fields in Central Malawi since 2013. The research focuses on the potential of sustainable intensification technologies to improve… Continue Reading →

Sustainable Intensification Indicators Framework

Sustainable Intensification Indicators Framework: Description: Sustainable Intensification (SI) focuses on improving the efficient use of resources for agriculture, with the goal of producing more food on the same amount of land but with reduced negative environmental or social impacts (Musumba… Continue Reading →

Perennial Grains

Perennial Grains Description Perennial grain crops have the potential to alleviate or reverse soil degradation and increase crop profitability for smallholder African farmers. Grain crops are typically annuals, meaning they are grown, harvested, and die all in the same year with no… Continue Reading →

Nitrogen- It’s What’s For Dinner

Nitrogen- It’s What’s For Dinner Description Although plants require both macronutrients (i.e. N,P,K) and micronutrients, nitrogen (N) is the lynchpin. It is needed in the largest quantities and is most often the limiting factor for growth and production of food… Continue Reading →

Innovation Platforms

Innovations Platforms Description: Agricultural innovation often requires coordinated efforts across a wide range of actors, from farmers to input suppliers, from traders to transporters, from extension agents to researchers. Innovation Platforms (IPs) aim to provide space for collaboration by creating a… Continue Reading →

Timothy Silberg

Timothy Silberg Timothy Silberg is pursuing a Doctoral Degree from MSU in the Department of Community Sustainability with a specialization in Ecological Food and Farming Systems. He completed his undergraduate studies at The Pennsylvania State University in Agricultural Sciences and his master’s… Continue Reading →

Erin Anders

Erin Anders Erin Anders is a PhD student in the Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences at Michigan State University (MSU). She graduated magna cum laude in 2014 from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor’s degree in Agroecology… Continue Reading →

Dr. Robert Richardson

Dr. Robert Richardson Dr. Robert Richardson is Associate Professor of Sustainable Development in the Department of Community Sustainability at Michigan State University. He is an ecological economist with interests in the study of environment and development, particularly the contribution of… Continue Reading →

Dr. Phil Grabowski

Dr. Phil Grabowski My research focuses on the development and adaptation of sustainable agriculture technologies in southern Africa.  I use a wide range of research methods (including qualitative interviews, surveys and system dynamics modeling) while drawing connections across the disciplines… Continue Reading →

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