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Dr. Amos Ngwira

Dr. Amos Ngwira Dr. Amos Ngwira is an agronomist by training, with BSc from the University of Malawi, MSC from Ghent University and a PhD from Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Amos has spent several years carrying research on developing… Continue Reading →

Transdisciplinary On-Farm Panel Data

Transdisciplinary On-Farm Panel Data Description: Learning Lab researchers have been part of transdisciplinary research effort collecting on-farm panel (longitudinal) data from about 600 fields in Central Malawi since 2013. The research focuses on the potential of sustainable intensification technologies to improve… Continue Reading →

Dr. Vimbayi G.P. Chimonyo

Dr. Vimbayi G.P. Chimonyo Vimbayi Chimonyo is Post-Doctoral fellow working directly on Africa RISING project in Malawi through Michigan State University and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, IITA. She specializes in crop modelling (plant resource use), multicrop systems, crop… Continue Reading →

Sustainable Intensification Indicators Framework

Sustainable Intensification Indicators Framework: Description: Sustainable Intensification (SI) focuses on improving the efficient use of resources for agriculture, with the goal of producing more food on the same amount of land but with reduced negative environmental or social impacts (Musumba… Continue Reading →

Participatory Research & Action Learning

Participatory Research & Action Learning Description Standard agricultural research has not always addressed the real world complexity of agriculture and livelihoods. Smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa for example face high levels of environmental uncertainty, a rapidly changing context due to globalization… Continue Reading →

Phosphorus- The Key to Sustainable Nutrient Management

Phosphorus- The Key to Sustainable Nutrient Management Description Phosphorus (P) is one of three primary macronutrients (NPK) essential to plant and crop productivity. It is considered a macronutrient, as opposed to a micronutrient, because it is required in large quantities… Continue Reading →

Nitrogen- It’s What’s For Dinner

Nitrogen- It’s What’s For Dinner Description Although plants require both macronutrients (i.e. N,P,K) and micronutrients, nitrogen (N) is the lynchpin. It is needed in the largest quantities and is most often the limiting factor for growth and production of food… Continue Reading →

Dr. Alison Nord

Dr. Alison Nord Dr. Alison Nord received her PhD in Crop and Soil Sciences in the Snapp lab at Michigan State University, focusing on sustainable intensification of maize-legume cropping systems in Tanzania. She is currently a Post Doc in the… Continue Reading →

Mother and Baby Trial Design

Mother and Baby Trial Design Description Mother & Baby Trials is a trial design, and one approach to conducting on-farm participatory action research. Mother & Baby trials are designed to facilitate conversations among farmers, extension, and researchers. This is essential… Continue Reading →

Legume Best Bets

Legume Best Bets Description Legume Best Bests are leguminous crops identified for their ability to improve soil quality and agricultural productivity while adequately addressing farmers’ diverse requirements for adoption. Legumes are capable of providing plant-available nitrogen, a highly limiting nutrient… Continue Reading →

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