Dr. Kelvin Mark Mtei

Senior Lecturer and researcher in Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Agriculture
Department of Water and Environmental Science and Engineering,
Nelson Mandela Africa Institute of Science and Technology, Arusha, Tanzania

KelvinMtei2Kelvin Mtei is a PhD holder in Sustainable Agriculture (specialized in soil fertility management). His academic background covers areas of agronomy, soil science and environmental science. Dr. Mtei is an experienced researcher and academician for about twelve years working with various institutions. In academics, Dr. Mtei has been delivering courses in sustainable farming systems, soil health, irrigation, agronomy, environmental pollution and impact assessment.  His research experience has been focused to issues of cereal-legume intercrop systems, rhizobia inoculation, nutrient use efficiency, legume cover crops (e.g. Arachis pintoi), efficacy of pesticidal plants, waste-water reuse for irrigation, agricultural water management, phytoremediation of degraded land/soil, metal pollution in soils and socio-ecological niche approach to agro-technology targeting; from which he has co-authored more than 30 publications in peer reviewed journals. He is currently a co-investigator in a number of projects related to sustainable soil fertility management, harnessing agro-ecosystem biodiversity, use of botanicals for crop pest management, fingerprinting of soil sediments, crop-livestock integration (manure management and use of biogas slurry as fertilizer) and fluoride mitigation in agricultural soils.

Contact: kelvin.mtei@nm-aist.ac.tz


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