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Perennial Grains

Perennial Grains Description Perennial grain crops have the potential to alleviate or reverse soil degradation and increase crop profitability for smallholder African farmers. Grain crops are typically annuals, meaning they are grown, harvested, and die all in the same year with no… Continue Reading →

Phosphorus- The Key to Sustainable Nutrient Management

Phosphorus- The Key to Sustainable Nutrient Management Description Phosphorus (P) is one of three primary macronutrients (NPK) essential to plant and crop productivity. It is considered a macronutrient, as opposed to a micronutrient, because it is required in large quantities… Continue Reading →

Dr. Alison Nord

Dr. Alison Nord Dr. Alison Nord received her PhD in Crop and Soil Sciences in the Snapp lab at Michigan State University, focusing on sustainable intensification of maize-legume cropping systems in Tanzania. She is currently a Post Doc in the… Continue Reading →

Dr. Placid Mpeketula

Dr. Placid Mike Gabriel Mpeketula I am interested in understanding the role of soil microbes such as bacteria and fungi in mediating ecosystems processes. Fungi are a major part of soil biodiversity, yet mechanisms driving their large-scale ecological ranges and distribution… Continue Reading →

Daniel Kane

Daniel Kane Dan Kane is a soil scientist and agroecologist whose research interests include soil carbon cycles, cover crops, perennial cropping systems, and the impacts of climate change on agriculture. As an undergraduate he studied ecology and evolutionary biology at… Continue Reading →

Dr. Chiwimbo Gwenambira

Dr. Chiwimbo Gwenambira Dr. Chiwimbo Gwenambira is a graduate scholar from Zimbabwe, studying Crop and Soil Sciences at Michigan State University. Agriculture has always been at the core of her world, having had a passion for the field from a… Continue Reading →

Princess Adjei-Frimpong

Princess Adjei-Frimpong Princess Adjei-Frimpong is a PhD BHEARD Scholar in the Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences, where she majors in Crop and Soil Sciences. Her overall research falls in the area of sustainable agriculture with focus on cropping systems and… Continue Reading →

Erin Anders

Erin Anders Erin Anders is a PhD student in the Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences at Michigan State University (MSU). She graduated magna cum laude in 2014 from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor’s degree in Agroecology… Continue Reading →

Dr. Regis Chikowo

Dr. Regis Chikowo Regis Chikowo is a soil scientist by training, with BSc and MPhil Degrees from the University of Zimbabwe and a PhD from Wageningen University. He has over the past several years carried out basic and applied research on nutrient management on… Continue Reading →

Dr. Sieg Snapp

Dr. Sieg Snapp Professor Sieg Snapp is a soils and cropping systems ecologist at Michigan State University and Associate Director of the Center for Global Change and Earth Observations. She has edited two books and published more than a 100 journal… Continue Reading →

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