Dr. Wezi Mhango

Dr. Wezi Mhango


1. The effect of demonstration plots and the warehouse receipt system on ISFM adoption, yield and income of smallholder farmers: a study from Malawi’s Anchor Farms. (2014-2019)

This is a collaborative research project involving Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR, University of Illinois, Cornell University, Columbia University, University of Malawi and University of Sussex. This ISFM project is being implemented in Malawi to evaluate the anchor farm model. The ISFM practices include grain legumes (soybean, groundnut and beans), legume/maize, agroforestry and conservation agriculture. This project is funded by the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie). For more information, refer to project website.

2. Agro-ecological intensification in Malawi through action research with smallholder farmers: Transforming Key Production Systems: maize-legume systems (2012- 2016).

This is a collaborative research project involving Michigan State University, LUANAR, CIAT-Malawi, ICRAF-Malawi, Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Food Security and Water Development (Dedza and Ntcheu District Agriculture Offices) and in being implemented in Malawi. The focus is on sustainable intensification of maize based systems through integration of diversified legumes (pigeonpea, groundnut, soybean, cowpea and beans), livestock intensification and utilization of legumes to improve family nutrition. This project is funded by USAID. For more information, refer to Africa RISING website.

3. Upscaling best fit maize-legume systems through multi environmental trials and farmer research networks. (2014-2018).

Contact: Wezi Mhango wezzi2002@yahoo.com.