Dr. Lisa Tiemann

lisa.tiemann.photo1My research seeks to elucidate the relationships between socioeconomic and soil fertility factors that have led to four fold increases in maize production and unsustainable agricultural practices in Uganda. Anecdotally, there are alarming trends of productivity loss in one of the most productive regions of sub-Saharan Africa, often referred to as the ‘bread basket’ of Africa, which is located primarily in western Uganda. My research is focused on finding culturally acceptable and economically feasible management practices that can help forestall or even reverse these productivity declines. The research uses an interdisciplinary approach, integrating elements of ecology, soil and social sciences to link patterns of land use intensity with soil fertility and the socioeconomic barriers that inhibit sustainable farming practices around Kibale National Park in western Uganda. By conducting a broad scale quantitative assessment of the effects of traditional land management practices as compared with perceptions about productivity and soil fertility, I hope to better understand drivers of soil fertility loss and the potential for reversing those losses.


Website: http://tiemann.psm.msu.edu/

Youtube Video:  Reviving the Land, Seeding the Future